I am a software engineer and entrepreneur
currently building a Blockchain course.

I graduated in May 2018 from the University of Pennsylvania Digital Media Design program - a computer science major with emphases on computer graphics and fine arts. My relevant coursework includes algorithms, data structures, C++, Javascript, Java, and marketing. At Penn, I founded a digital marketing startup which reached $5k in monthly revenue and built Livedrop, a concert recommendations engine that was adopted by Ticketmaster. I currently spend all of my time learning and spreading the exciting new field of Cryptoeconomics.


DIV Token (2018)

DIV is a dividend-bearing ERC20 token that can represent a portion of revenue. Built with Solidity + Truffle + React.js

0xchange.me (2017)

0xchange.me is a free & open Decentralized Exchange using the 0x Protocol. Winner of 0x API Prize at ETHWaterloo Hackathon. Built with PostgreSQL + Vue.js + Node.js

Livedrop (2015-17)

Livedrop is a web API service to promote concerts in a smarter way. Built with React.js + Node.js + PostgreSQL

Housemates (2016)

Housemates is an Android app for housemates to keep track of house chores, events, and charges. Built with Android + Firebase + Splitwise API.

Mini Minecraft (2016)

Mini Minecraft is a open world game modelled after Minecraft. The player can break blocks, build blocks, plant trees, interact with a sheep AI, start fires, and explore the world. I optimized the rendering of blocks with an octree and back-face culling, implemented fire spreading, and built the sheep AI. Built with QTCreator and C++.

Scenic Jogger (2015)

Scenic Jogger was a web app that could generate scenic jogging routes. Built backend with Node.js + Yelp API + Google Maps API

Ribbid (2015)

Ribbid is a web platform that matches errand requests to providers through a reverse bidding system. Built front-end with HTML + CSS

KHO Productions (2013-14)

Through KHO Productions, I have had the opportunity to write, direct, shoot, and edit videos for Youtubers like Ryan Higa and Kevjumba, start-up companies, non-profit organizations and personal projects. All videos shot with a Canon T3i and edited with Final Cut Pro X or Final Cut Pro 7.

Get In Touch

Feel free to hit me up anytime if you want to discuss anything or if you want to grab coffee and chat.